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Q. & A.


Here are the answers to most commonly asked questions:

Q. Myself or a family member cannot keep our cats/dogs - or, we found a kitten or a puppy outside and cannot keep him, can you help find him/them a home?

A.  Sorry, we do not have a place to keep cats or dogs at this time. You can call all shelters from Plattsburgh to Ogdensburg and see if they have room and offer a donation to offset their costs. Or you can share them on the Facebook group Pets Who Needs Homes in Akwesasne.

Q. My dog or cat is missing, can you share it on your Facebook page for me?

A. You will get better results if you share it on the Facebook group Lost and Missing Pets in Akwesasne.

Q. I found a week old kitten, or a kitten still nursing, can you take it, or tell us what to do?

A. We cannot take any animals at this time. There is always a nursing mama cat willing to help, you can post on the Facebook Group Pets Who Need Homes in Akwesasne and other local Lost & Found Pets groups. There are also lots of videos on YouTube that shows how to bottle-feed young cats or dogs.

Q.  I got my dog free vaccinations on the Island in April 2023 and I registered her for the free spaying. I was told it was in September, I do not remember the exact date. Is it still happening?

A.  This event was organized by MCA, not us. Sorry for the confusion. Please reach out to them directly for answers to your question.

Q.  When is your next cat spay/neuter clinic?

A.  We currently don't have the necessary equipment or a veterinary surgeon to perform the surgeries. You can contact any veterinarian in the area, they all perform spays. If you need a low-cost surgery you can contact to sign up for a voucher.

Q.  Is the vaccination clinic available to Natives' pets only?

A.  It is for Tribal members only right now; there may be later opportunities for non-Tribal members.

Q. Is there a waiting list for my cat or dog to get vaccinated?

A.  Our next vaccination clinic is March 23, 2024, you can sign up your pet by going to our Free vaccinations page. 


Q.  How long will it take to hear back regarding an adoption application?

A.   Please allow 5 business days as we review your application. We realize you are excited but it does take time to review applications properly. We will email you if your application is approved for an adoption.

Q. I do not have money to have my dog put to sleep. Can you help?  

A.  Unfortunately this is not something we can help you with at this time.  There are many available options such as Care Credit and Scratch Pay. You should contact each veterinarian in the area to check on prices and our options with them as every veterinarian differs in prices and some may even offer payment plans.

Q.  Are you hiring?

A.  No, we are all volunteers; none of us get paid.

Q.  Are you taking recyclable bottles?

A.  Yes, please drop them off at 20 Swamp Rd. in Akwesasne.

Q.  Are you taking towels and blankets?

A.  Not at this time, thank you.

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