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A Happy New Year for Your Pet

(Photo: Wix)

Out with the old and in with the new! If you are like a lot of people Christmas is the season of giving...puppies and kittens. Yes, I said puppies and kittens. I have often seen pets given as gifts and I am not totally against pets as gifts and this is why: pets can provide so much emotional support and can be of service to a lot of people. My cats always lend me an ear when needed and allow me to pet them, which is therapeutic for me. Cats create purr vibrations at 20-140 Hz, known to be medically therapeutic against illnesses.

The problem with giving pets as gifts is when families take on a pet and don't include the whole family as caretakers of that pet. Yes, it is true that some animals bond more with certain members of the family but everyone is responsible for caring for the pet at feeding time, play time and yes the dreaded bathroom time, whether it is litter changing, litter scooping or taking the puppy out to poop during a freezing rain storm or blizzard.

I would encourage everyone to take advantage and invest in some puppy and kitten classes, you will learn a lot during these classes and with the basics of pet care you can set yourself up and your pet to have a long and happy life with your family. You will learn when socialization occurs and why it is so important.

Make this year a great one!

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