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Beat The Heat!

In the winter, dog fur is great protection against the cold, but in the summertime it can be a problem, not just for the thick coated dogs, but for any dog that is in the heat, and too much heat can be fatal. If a dog gets overheated it can be a real problem.

Dogs eliminate heat by panting. They do not sweat like we humans do. They do have sweat glands in the footpads, but these only help minimally. When panting isn't enough, their body temperature rises, and can do so very quickly. If you don't take precautions to keep your dog cool, getting overheated can cause death.

You should watch for excessive panting and signs of discomfort. It is important to keep aware of the ambient temperature and take appropriate precautions for prevention of heat exhaustion.

Any hot environment can cause heat stroke, but the most careless cause is usually leaving a dog in a vehicle on a hot day or forgetting to provide shade to an animal kept outdoors.

Dogs with thick fur, short noses and obese dogs are prone to heatstroke. Also, dogs that enjoy constant exercise and playtime should be closely monitored for signs of overheating, especially on hot days. You may want to wait until the evening when it is cooler to exercise your dog.

Heat stroke can be prevented by taking caution not to expose your dog to hot and humid conditions. This is especially true for dogs with airway diseases and dogs with shortened faces such as the Pug, Bulldog and Shih Tzu. Also while traveling in cars, make sure the dog is well ventilated by placing it in a wired cage or an open basket, and never leave your dog in the car with the windows closed, even if the car is in the shade.

When outdoors, ensure your dog is in a well-ventilated area with plenty of access to water and shady spots.

Follow these tips for your dogs and prevent heat exhaustion or even death. If you suspect your dog has heat exhaustion contact your veterinarian immediately. Have a safe summer with your dog!

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