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  • Jennifer herne

Every Season is Flea Season

Have you ever been to a flea circus? Well, hopefully you don't live in a flea circus. You might think this is an off-season topic but it really isn't. You CAN have a flea infestation in the winter in your home. The fleas don't mind living in your warm home all winter long and have no problem doing so. The temperature is perfect for them and they have a steady supply of food: your pet.

It is important that you treat your pet during the winter months as well as the spring and summer. It is also very important to treat your home; fleas lay eggs in your carpeting and your bedding. How will you know if you have a flea infestation? Chances are if you have seen a flea and are not treating your pet you probably have a flea problem.

It doesn't take long for fleas to lay eggs and shortly after that flea larvae emerge from the egg and the cycle continues. Most people think they see only one flea and they killed it so there isn't a problem. This is rare. Where there is one, there is most likely many.

I also do not recommend any type of flea product for your pet that ISN'T purchased from a veterinarian. I also do not recommend any product that I haven't used on my own pets. I ensure that a product works before telling you to use it. There are so many flea treatments on the market these days and it can be very confusing to a consumer. So, to ensure you are getting the best advice and product, you should always purchase from a reputable source.

Visit your local veterinarian for quality products and advice on fleas. Your pet will be happy you did!

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