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Grass-eating Dog?

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You probably have seen your dog chomping down on some nice green grass at some point in their lives. They aren't cows so why are they eating grass? You might even worry if he eats a lot of it. First, rest assured that you aren't alone in your concern, especially if he is eating grass and vomiting. Pica is the term used for the disorder characterized by eating things that aren't food. Sometimes pica is an indication that your dog isn't getting adequate nutrition, more often than not it is a sign of boredom, especially if practiced by puppies and young dogs.

Dogs eating grass is actually quite common, wild dogs have been seen eating grass and this type of pica isn't usually anything to be concerned about. There are a variety of reasons your dog may be grazing on your lawn. Some people think that the dogs eat grass to induce vomiting because they aren't feeling well. Others dispute this idea on the basis that dogs aren't proven to be smart enough to determine that they need to treat an upset stomach by eating grass.

Some evidence suggests that most dogs that eat grass aren't unwell before they do it. So it can then be assumed that they just like the taste, they like the way it feels, or maybe it improves their digestion.

If you suspect your dog is eating grass because he is bored it might be beneficial to be sure he is getting enough exercise. Engage him in fun activities. Try a Frisbee or playing interactive games with him or get a chew toy to keep him busy.

On the chance that the grass eating is caused by a nutritional imbalance try adding some fiber into his diet by giving a high fiber food or high fiber treats.

Most experts agree that grazing itself isn't harmful, one thing to remember is that if the lawn is treated with herbicides or pesticides it can be quite toxic to your pet if eaten. Some household plants can also be toxic if your pet munches on them.

Check out the ASPCA poison control website to see which household plants are toxic and non- toxic.

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