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Halloween and your Pet

(Photo: Yarrow and Clifford, taken by Lyn Thomas)

I love fall, especially Halloween. Who wouldn't, right? Well, your pet might not love it. Using your common sense can help keep your pet safe. Here are some tips for this Halloween:

  1. No candy for Fido. Keep that bowl of candy safely out of your pet's mouth. Chocolate in all forms, especially dark chocolate and baking chocolate, is harmful to your pet. The artificial sweetener xylitol is toxic as well; this is found in sugar-free candies.

  2. Costumes are cute for your pet, we can all agree, but you should always practice putting the costume on your pet before the night of Halloween. If your pet is so stressed and this causes him to become agitated to the point of hurting himself, then you probably don't want to dress him up. Skip the costume and put a cute holiday bandana on him instead. You should never leave your pet unsupervised wearing any type of costume or clothing.

  3. Halloween brings unfamiliar guests to your door. You should always keep your pet in a separate room away from the front door or in a crate; too many strangers can be spooky for your pet. You should also make sure your pet has some form of identification on him/her. Microchip is the best but at a minimum you should have an identification tag on the collar. Many pets can bolt right out the door only to become lost in all of the chaos of Halloween. Identification can help you get a safe return of your pet.

Have a safe and fun Halloween!

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